Maandelijks archief: februari 2012

Just an ordinary day saying hello

I’m in Africa. Western Africa. Senegal to be more precise. The little village of Warang, a three hour car journey south of Dakar to be exact. I can see the Atlantic ocean from my roof terrace, but this morning I was too lazy to take the four minute walk up there. It’s the midst of winter and it’s freaking hot out here. Nice, very nice.

It took me a while to get up from my softly swinging hammock to do some groceries. But here I am, slowly placing one flip-flop before the other through the hot African sand which they call a street here, carefully watching the consistency of that same sand and not trying to step into goat shit, dog shit, donkey shit, horse shit or any of the other garbage spread around. Bins are a rare phenomena here. The same goes for street names, addresses or any other residency indications. And mailmen I guess.

I made it to the mini supermarket without being harassed by any men, women or children that just want to say hello. I even managed to get all the stuff I wanted without delay, without too much negotiating and no pressure at all to buy this package of lovely peanuts, this bundle of gorgeous fresh bananas and that very special four kilo watermelon. This is turning out to be an easy little trip. An easy day.

A day without that lovely African chatting about nothing, just being friendly. Just asking how you’re doing. Just wanting to know where you’re from. Is this is your first visit to Senegal, beautiful isn’t it? How long you are staying here, for your holidays, right? You are really beautiful and young, are you married? You see, I’m looking for a European wife and I like you. In fact, I think I love you, I know I do, can I get a kiss? Are you sure? Not one little kiss? A little gift then? For my children? Do you want to buy my fish? I caught it myself this morning, very fresh, very tasty. I’ll give you a good price. I’m your friend. Your husband to be, remember?

Easy days in Africa. Also very rare. Not that I’m complaining. Not at all. Just returning every hello with a big smile. After all, it’s winter and I’m wearing flip-flops..